2014 Goals | Read 10 Books | A new idea for these posts

Hey lovelies,

Since I only have to read 3 more books to complete my goal of ten, I have decided that I’m going to combine my reviews on all of the books I read into a video. I will share the video on a post and there will also be some written notes along with the video. I think this could be a cool way to make sure that I get all of my thoughts across. I’m hoping I will be completely done by July 31st so until then I will not have another book review.

Let me know what you think about this idea



2014 Goals | Knocking ‘Em Out

Hey everyone,
I’ve had a successful last couple of weeks accomplishing my goals. I’ve managed to knock a few off of the list but there really wasn’t a need for individual posts about each. I thought that I would do a quick recap of them all with you.

Go to the Zoo
My grandma has a membership at our local zoo so she asked me if I wanted to go with her on my day off since she was taking my little brother. It was really fun because I haven’t been in a year or so and there has been a lot of  renovations done to our zoo. There have also been a couple of animal additions as well. The weather was really nice so the overall trip was really fun and relaxing.

Read 10 books (5/10)
I finished my 5th book. A review on that is to come.

Canyon Climb
One of my local malls has a Wonderworks which means it also has the Canyon Climb ropes course, which happens to be in the ‘canyon’ of the mall. For my birthday I decided that I wanted to go attempt the Canyon Climb. Honestly, this was the best and worst decision of my life. I am afraid of heights, so when my friends and I first started the coarse I had insane anxiety and even felt dizzy at one point. After a while I started getting the hang of it so it wasn’t too bad by the end. If you have a Wonderworks with the ropes course I would recommend doing it for the awesome arm workout. My arms were so sore from holing onto my harness for dear life.

Go to Lava
My last accomplishment on the list so far was making the 40+ minute trek out to one of the well known nightclubs in the area for their 18 and over night. I had mixed feelings about the experience, but overall mostly positive. I had a good night dancing with my friends and dodging thirsty guys. I also got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a little over a year. I definitely wouldn’t make a weekly habit out of it, but I definitely would make it a monthly or bi-monthly thing if I need a night to unwind.

So that was my brief recap of my last few weeks of checking goals off of my list.

Here’s to another month of more accomplishments,



2014 Goals | Read 10 Books| Book #5: Palo Alto

Here we are again. Another book added to the list, and another book turned film that I wanted to read before viewing the film.

James Franco is one of my favorite actors, and I’ve wanted to check his books out for a while. I heard Palo Alto was being turned into a film and I wanted to read it when I found out, but then I forgot and while I was in New York City seeing James Franco in Of Mice and Men, Palo Alto premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was beyond stoked. About a week or two later I found 3 last copies of the book at a local book store so obviously I purchased it.

This was another  book that was made up of mini stories. Unlike the Ellen DeGeneres book… I loved it! Each character had their own personality and story that I found relatable. I could make a personal connection to each story whether it was because of a personal experience or an experience that I vicariously experienced through friends or family members. For me Palo Alto was an aerial look at High School and the complexity of teenage life that most people overlook or mistake for teenage angst. The stories were so well written that I flew through the book, finishing it in roughly 3-4 days. I also found myself wonder what stories, or parts of stories, were real events that had happened and which were made up solely for entertainment purposes.

Currently I am looking for a show time near me for the film. Once I see it I will review it and compare the two. I will also be ordering a couple more of James Franco’s books in the near future.

Have you read Palo Alto? What were your thoughts?

Until next time…happy reading,


2014 Goals | Read 10 Books | Book #4: My Point…and I do Have One


To balance out the sad book that I just read, I decided that the next thing to read should be funny. Who better to give you a good laugh than Ellen Degeneres? I decided that her book, My Point: and I Do Have One , would be a good follow up.

Honestly, it was kind of a lack-luster follow up. The book was a lot of random thoughts and stories as opposed to a complete novel. Now usually I like things like this because they’re interesting. This was sadly boring. I love Ellen so much, so I was extremely let down! There were hints of humor here and there. But the overall book was so boring. I wouldn’t recommend reading it unless you really want to. I want to try a different book from her because she has a few, but I don’t think that I’ll read it any time soon.

I managed to get through it though, putting me at 4/10. Almost halfway to my goal!

Happy Reading,



2014 Goals | Read 10 Books | Book #3: The Fault in Our Stars

Now that the semester is over I actually have time to read for leisure again. The next book to add to my list is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This book was a goal within a goal because I wanted to finish reading it before the film came out -I had roughly a month to read it. Not that I thought it would take nearly that long, but hey, things come up. Lucky for me, I didn’t need that whole month to read the book. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down. I read the book start to finish in 20140509-223124.jpgthree days (probably less if you remove my breaks for exams and work) because the writing was just so good.

I liked this book a lot, but I was surprised that I didn’t cry at all reading it. Without giving away any spoilers, there were parts where I figured out what was going to happen well before it happened (like 4 chapters before) so when it finally happened I wasn’t surprised and it didn’t give me any kind of emotional shock.

I’m usually not a fan of romance novels, or novels that are primarily romantic in one way or another, but Green wrote this book an amazing way. Parts of the narration sounded as if I was listening to my friends tell me a story, and the romance scenes contained some sarcastic levels to them that added the perfect amount of humor, and reality to the story. I would read this a million times over a Nicholas Sparks book (sorry) for that simple factor.

Not only was this book a good love story, it was good overall with showing how struggle and fight really shape people. I can’t wait to see the film.


Any suggestions for other books, please comment them below. I have to read 7 more.



2014 Goals | Road Trip to NYC

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a completed goal, but I just knocked out 2 at one time this week/weekend. I’ve just returned from a 3 day trip to New Y20140427-161323.jpgork City with my friends. It was so much fun. There were a few things that we were going to do but forgot to or didn’t, so I want to come back in the summer and do some of those. We stayed in Brooklyn but mostly were in Manhattan to do things. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of less touristy things which was nice because we didn’t wait that long in lines at restaurants, museums, etc.

When we first got there, we went to the Museum of Sex which was actually really interesting. Later that night  I went with one of my friends to see Of Mice and Men on Broadway. No, I’m not talking about the shitty band whose merch is sold at Hot Topic. I’m talking about the play based on the book by John Steinbeck. James Franco, Chris O’Dowd and Leighten Meester.  It was so incredibly good. I was kind of afraid that it would be a let down with such big names in it, but it was such an amazing performance. Chris O’Dowd was incredible as Lennie. After the play I went to S’mac for the first time, but I wasn’t a fan of it. If you’re like me and have never been there or heard of it, it’s a restaurant that has every kind of Macaroni and Cheese you can think of.

The next morning we went to Madame Tussauds. If you’ve never been there, you really should go. It’s a super cool wax museum. A lot of the celebrities, living or dead, looked truly realistic. It’s seriously an amazing place, so definitely check out the site for Madame Tussauds and see if there is a location in whichever major US city is near you and go check it out. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


On this trip I also got to experience Red Bamboo for the first time. If you’re a Vegetarian or Vegan (or not)  and haven’t eaten there before, you need to fix that. The restaurant is very cute and has an incredible menu. The appetizers and entrees are delicious. I ate the wings every single time 20140429-221015.jpgwe went there because they were just so damn delicious. If you’re down to try something new out, definitely check out this spot.

Once we finished our lunch at Red Bamboo, we wandered around the city a little bit in search of the Kardashian’s stor20140429-221115.jpge Dash. We were so glad that we found it because it was just such an iconic moment. My best friend and I religiously watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so the experience was just so surreal. I remember watching them open the New York store on Kim and Kourtney take New York. Such a cool experience. We did some other random  things here and there. Shopping, restaurants, and walking around. We went to the Williamsburg  Flea, which was super cute. We went on a food only day though so literally all we could do there was eat. I got some awesome steals at Urban Outfitters, and experienced Lush for the first time!  We were also going to get friendship tattoos while we were there but the prices were ridiculous, so we ended up not doing it.

The trip was really fun and I hope that we can do another one soon. I had a really good time and I was kind of bummed to go home. The main things I was excited to come home to was my bed, shower, dog, and little brother. We did have one final food stop in the City before we left. I ate my first vegan donut from Dun-Well Doughnuts. HOLY SHIT it was delicious! I want to go back just to get 20140429-221036.jpga dozen donuts for

 myself. I can’t believe how perfect it  was!

Overall, the trip was insanely fun and I definitely want to do something like that with my friends again soon because it was such a good time!

Have you ever been to NYC? What’s you’re favorite thing to do there?

Until next time lovelies,



Warm & Cozy Home | Candles

So lately I’ve been more and more obsessed with lighting candles when I’m working on things in my room. Whether I’m cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, or just getting ready for the day I always have a candle lit. I find that this just makes the atmosphere not only smell good, but feel more relaxed and calm. That being said, I have also found what brands, scents, and styles of candle work best for me in creating the “vibe” that I want in my space. I didn’t really think that it mattered. A candle is a candle, right?

I have found that some work better than others meaning that some smell better than others and last longer than others.

I also have a review on the candles that I’ve used up on my YouTube channel.


Outfit Post| Best of Both Worlds

I absolutely loved my outfit, so I thought I would share it with you all. It’s one thing when you feel comfortable, confident, and believe that you look good in an outfit; however, when you receive multiple compliments on your overall appearance, you feel like a million dollars. Believe me, I did. Without further hesitation, let’s get on to the outfit.

I like to think of this outfit as the best of both worlds because it’s both edgy and masculine but still has many feminine elements. The top is from Jennyfer and I absolutely adore how functional it is. I’ve worn it as both dressy and as casual and it is an amazing item. It also reminds me of something that Gwen Stefani would wear. Underneath it I am wearing a floral bralette, crop top-esq thing that I got on clearance at Hot Topic.
My jeans are from American Eagle. Typically I don’t shop there, but I stumbled across these on a clearance rack while my mom was shopping and decided to get them. They have a semi boyfriend fit to them even though they’re ankle cut skinny jeans, which is why I got them. Combined with this top I just think it creates an interesting look.
For shoes, I’m just wearing a pair of Lucky Brand flats that I’ve had for years. They’re quite beat up and distressed but I love the vibe that they add to my outfits in their current condition. The pop of color also makes the look more feminine but still edgy with the distressing.
I felt so cool in this outfit and even more like a boss with my red lip (The color is Kat Von D- Hellbent.)
I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and if you recreate this look, comment below or share the photo on Instagram and tag me in it!

Exciting Day Ahead!

Hello everyone.

I am beyond excited for the day that lays ahead of me. The store that I work at is hosting an event today and my boss asked me to be the in-house photographer. I’m insanely excited but also nervous because this is my first official gig where my photos will be used for something besides an assignment for school or an art show hosted by my school.

This event is also a big deal because the big bosses will be in town to see the store. We opened in November and they haven’t seen the store in person yet. This is all very nerve wrecking but also insanely exciting because of the opportunity that it is giving me. I will make a separate post after I review the photos and share some of them with you all!

Wish me luck!

Outfit Post | It’s almost spring! (Kind of)

I live in a bizarre region of New York State where we experience winter for about 70% of the year, and that makes me insanely sa20140309-215257.jpgd because I just want to be bundled up 24-7. However, we’re finally starting to show signs of spring here and I can finally start having fun with my outfits again! Let’s take a look at this fun little get up that I threw together for work.

Here’s an overview of the outfit. I’m wearing a super comfy V-neck from Jennyfer tucked into a pair of Wrangler high-low cut high rise shorts that I purchased at Urban Outfitters. The fuzzy cardigan was purchased at Jennyfer as well as the tights. I decided to keep it comfortable yet still kind of edgy by wearing my pink Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars. Around my neck I’m wearing my lovely sparrow (swallow, whatever we would like to call it) that my best friend gave me for Christmas two years ago. It’s from H&M.20140309-215804.jpg

I felt super trendy and super relaxed in this outfit. I definitely can’t wait until there are warmer days for more looks like this.
Let me know if you would like to keep seeing posts like this in the future. If so there will definitely be better quality photos.