Holiday Rush

Winter has officially begun here in Upstate New York. As much as I hate snow, I love living in an area where I can enjoy a white Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful. I can’t even believe that Christmas is 8 Days away… it’s insane. Where has this year gone? Even though the holidays are an exciting time they are also beyond stressful and I find myself having anxiety attacks daily because I am stressed about getting everything ready. Between work and finals I just have felt like I haven’t had time to do anything fun or festive. I thought that I would share some helpful ideas for last minute shopping.

Coffee and a Mug

Tea Gift Sets

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Chocolate or Cupcakes


Another idea is a custom gift basket. It’s always fun to put together a gift basket full of things that the person likes. When you make it yourself it can have a personal touch that a store bought one doesn’t. Also if you bargain shop, you can create a super sweet, thoughtful present for half the price.

I hope that these tips are somewhat helpful.  They’re all super simple yet thoughtful and you can spend under $25 on them.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping




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