2014 Goals | 80 Tasks, 365 days. Challenge accepted!

It’s almost time. 2013 is quickly coming to an end which means a new year is about to start.  I love new years because they’re like a completely new and fresh slate to make whatever you want happen and forget about the struggles and problems that you had in the past year. Instead of making a resolution for myself, I like to make a lengthy list of things that I’d like to accomplish in the new year. I try to make the list seem impossible, but I know that if I actually motivate myself I can accomplish my list.

For 2014 I have made a list of 80 different goals and to-dos that I plan on completing before 2015. I decided to keep track of what I accomplish via this blog. Some items on the list are a bit harder than others but they will be that much more rewarding when I accomplish them. As I complete things on my list I will share them with all of you. I thought about sharing my list but then I thought that it would be too long to post on here. Just keep an eye out for posts entitled 2014 Goals | then I’ll insert the goal here and you’ll be hearing about how it went.

I am beyond excited to make this journey. I plan on learning and experiencing many new things in the new year. I also hope that you guys enjoy reading about my journey and share yours as well.

Have a happy and safe new year everybody.



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