Christmas Haul

*I am not by any means trying to show off or brag about anything that I received. I am so grateful and thankful for everything that I received for Christmas. Also I am not being paid or sponsored to mention any of the companies mentioned and any opinion is completely my own.*IMG_1003

I thought that I would share my Christmas gifts by writing a little post along side the video that I am going to be posting on my YouTube. (I’ll insert the video or a link to it below when it’s uploaded) I am completely thankful for everything that I received from friends and family. This was the most “grown-up” Christmas I have experienced in my 18 years on this earth. I really didn’t ask for anything from my mom except for a new phone and a hair straightener. Both were practical gift ideas because I haven’t had a phone upgrade for  years and my flat iron broke back in April which made me really sad, but I’ve been using my mom’s until I could get a new one. I finally decided hey, I’ll just ask for a new flat iron for Christmas.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and super stoked about all of the gifts that I received.

Fragrance, Bath, Beauty
Yankee Candle- Tart Candle Melt Gift Set
Bath & Body Works- Large  Jar Candle and Small Jar Candle
Bodycology- Lotion and Body Spray Gift Set
Evolution Flat Iron
Herstyler Hair Products

Hello Kitty Rug
Hello Kitty Alarm Clock
Lady Gaga Vinyl

Jumper Cable
Floor Mats
Hello Kitty Air Freshener- Strawberry Scent
Phone Charger

Clothing, Accessories
Coheed & Cambria Hoodie
2 different Hello Kitty Necklaces
Fuzzy Socks

Gift Cards
Victoria’s Secret
$20 Cash

Hello Kitty Mini Coloring Book
Hello Kitty Pen
Peppermint Smidgens
Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate
Terror- Rhythm Amongst the Chaos

iPhone 5s in Gold

All in all Christmas was a  success. I had a great day with my family, pigged out on some delicious food, and made some amazing memories.
What was your favorite gift or overall thing that happened this holiday season? I wish everyone a great rest of the year and hope you all have a safe, happy new year.





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