2014 Goals| New Phone

I know this is such a bizarre thing to have as a goal but let me clear this situation up. With my phone plan I’m 20140101-183238.jpgsupposed to get a new phone every 18 months. Simple enough right? Wrong. I have had the same phone since my freshman year of high school; I a now a freshman in college (do the math). So my poor little iPhone 3G was outdated, obsolete, and hardly worked anymore but I couldn’t get a new phone unless my mom was with me because the contract is in her name. My surprise for Christmas was a new phone. I have finally joined the rest of the world and have a more modern piece of technology. I upgraded to the iPhone 5s and so far I absolutely love it.

Now that I’m more up-to-date with my cell phone I am able to do so much more. I like that I can actually keep track of my emails and such without it take 100 years, and that I am capable of keeping up with more of my social networking sites because the apps actually work now.  I was beyond surprised that I received it as a Christmas present, so technically this wasn’t completed in 2014 I can still cross it off of the list because that was one of the big things that I wanted to accomplish.

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