2014 Goals | Read 10 Books

One goal that I have set for myself is to read 10 books by 11:59pm on December 31, 2014. I know that 10 books really doesn’t seem like a lot, but I want to increase the goal number in 2015 so I figured that this was a good start seeing as it is potential difficult but not completely impossible. Also, I don’t have much free time. I am a full time college student, I work part time, and I do freelance hairdressing – as you can see that leaves very little time to relax and read for leisure. I am going to try my best to accomplish this goal and I’ll review each book along the way. I plan on reading a large variety of books ranging from older books and classics to new books that have recently been published and may not be that popular yet. Also, I am not counting books that I read for school. I am only counting books that I read on my own. If you have any recommendations please comment them below; I don’t favor a specific genre, usually I just go off of the content.

Let me know if you plan on taking on any reading tasks and share your progress with me along the way. I may also share tips on finding time to balance leisure reading within a busy schedule as I figure them out.

Happy reading!


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