2014 Goals | Read 10 Books | Book #2: Education of a Kabbalist

Here we are again, I have completed another book making me 2/10. Disclaimer before I go into talking about the book. I am not by any means a religious person. I am very open minded and I like some spirituality in life, but I do not associate myself with a specific religion. I did not read this book for any specific reason other than it interested me. I am not trying to persuade, convince, or convert anybody I am just sharing my opinion and my thoughts on this book.


From the Back Cover:
… In Education of a Kabbalist, Rav Berg paints an unforgettable portrait of Rabbi Brandwein, a truly beautiful soul. At the same time, he reveals the deep and complex feelings that filled his own soul over the years in his transition from student to kabbalistic master in his own right. This is simply the most honest, accurate, and emotionally moving book ever written about a man who truly lives by the principles of Kabbalah in the contemporary world…

Education of a Kabbalist is basically a Rav Berg’s memoir. He discusses his studies and journey to becoming a Kabbalist. Berg makes it clear that he is simply sharing what Kabbalah has meant to him and how his education with Rabbi Brandwein changed his life.

I enjoyed reading this book because I like to hear about people’s experiences, especially when they are life changing ones. I also appreciated that Berg talks about his personal experience with Kabbalah and makes it sound appealing. He doesn’t use aggressive tone or try persuading readers to learn more. Berg simply talks about what he likes about Kabbalah, his experience, and what he has taken away from Kabbalah Spiritually. The ideas mostly sell themselves. It was also interesting to read about the controversy over the stufy of Kabbalah among Rabbis. My only complaint is that there are some mechanical errors throughout the book that distracted me at times. Overall, I would say it is a well written book. If you’re an open minded person then I would definitely check this one out.

Until next time.. Happy Reading.



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