Things are changing.

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to work towards more of my goals but I have yet to accomplish another one because of my chaotic schedule. However, I decided it was time for a fresh start and I decided to start a new YouTube Channel. I entitled it The New Black with the old saying “(insert color here) is the new black” thinking of myself as the new black. I realized after the fact that it is also the name of an Every Time I Die song. No complaints though.

I plan on making this a Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Channel with a twist. What is this twist? I have not decided yet. I’m working on some videos that I plan on having up before Friday but we’ll see how that goes. I need your help though. I want this channel to be the best it can be so I would love to hear what kind of videos you would like to see. Comment on this post with some ideas.  Also, my channel is linked below if you would like to subscribe and be kept up on my videos.

I’m hoping that I can actually keep up with this and make this channel the best it can be.

Until next time,


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