2014 Goals | Knocking ‘Em Out

Hey everyone,
I’ve had a successful last couple of weeks accomplishing my goals. I’ve managed to knock a few off of the list but there really wasn’t a need for individual posts about each. I thought that I would do a quick recap of them all with you.

Go to the Zoo
My grandma has a membership at our local zoo so she asked me if I wanted to go with her on my day off since she was taking my little brother. It was really fun because I haven’t been in a year or so and there has been a lot of  renovations done to our zoo. There have also been a couple of animal additions as well. The weather was really nice so the overall trip was really fun and relaxing.

Read 10 books (5/10)
I finished my 5th book. A review on that is to come.

Canyon Climb
One of my local malls has a Wonderworks which means it also has the Canyon Climb ropes course, which happens to be in the ‘canyon’ of the mall. For my birthday I decided that I wanted to go attempt the Canyon Climb. Honestly, this was the best and worst decision of my life. I am afraid of heights, so when my friends and I first started the coarse I had insane anxiety and even felt dizzy at one point. After a while I started getting the hang of it so it wasn’t too bad by the end. If you have a Wonderworks with the ropes course I would recommend doing it for the awesome arm workout. My arms were so sore from holing onto my harness for dear life.

Go to Lava
My last accomplishment on the list so far was making the 40+ minute trek out to one of the well known nightclubs in the area for their 18 and over night. I had mixed feelings about the experience, but overall mostly positive. I had a good night dancing with my friends and dodging thirsty guys. I also got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a little over a year. I definitely wouldn’t make a weekly habit out of it, but I definitely would make it a monthly or bi-monthly thing if I need a night to unwind.

So that was my brief recap of my last few weeks of checking goals off of my list.

Here’s to another month of more accomplishments,




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