Outfit Post | It’s almost spring! (Kind of)

I live in a bizarre region of New York State where we experience winter for about 70% of the year, and that makes me insanely sa20140309-215257.jpgd because I just want to be bundled up 24-7. However, we’re finally starting to show signs of spring here and I can finally start having fun with my outfits again! Let’s take a look at this fun little get up that I threw together for work.

Here’s an overview of the outfit. I’m wearing a super comfy V-neck from Jennyfer tucked into a pair of Wrangler high-low cut high rise shorts that I purchased at Urban Outfitters. The fuzzy cardigan was purchased at Jennyfer as well as the tights. I decided to keep it comfortable yet still kind of edgy by wearing my pink Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars. Around my neck I’m wearing my lovely sparrow (swallow, whatever we would like to call it) that my best friend gave me for Christmas two years ago. It’s from H&M.20140309-215804.jpg

I felt super trendy and super relaxed in this outfit. I definitely can’t wait until there are warmer days for more looks like this.
Let me know if you would like to keep seeing posts like this in the future. If so there will definitely be better quality photos.



2 thoughts on “Outfit Post | It’s almost spring! (Kind of)

  1. You look beautiful! I especially love your necklace.
    Ugh, I live in NY too, and I love it, except the winters are so long! So I feel your pain 🙂

    • I know right! It’s like end of October until just about the end of April/ beginning of May is winter then the other three seasons kind of filter in. Haha.

      Thank you so much!

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